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October 05, 2007


Randy Whitcroft

Great points.
Companies are relying too much on innovation without truly trying to solve a real (not perceived) need within the marketplace.
The VC's are putting too much emphasis on market potential and trying to ride a wave of a market to get a successful exit. If both of them spent a bit more time listening to potential clients and building solutions to meet thier needs, the VC's would have more successful exits, the companies would make more money, and clients would be the biggest winners of all.


Hi Randy,

Thanks for sharing your view. Without a question. I've often wondered if another reason why over 90% of all product / service initiatives fail is the lack of adequate social science in the marketing phase of the business planning process. Not understanding of the want/need/problem from a human factor.

P.S. I am very familiar with Kanata, Canada (…from my days at Newbrige Networks).


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