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March 30, 2007



Kameran, hope you have great success being a blogger. Innovation in the US is stymied by Wall Street short term views...but also by the Justice Department going after those attaining innovation success. Its really a demotivator to spend the money.



Having worked with you in the past, you have lot of talents and I am glad that you are sharing your talents and knowledge with the public.

In term of innovation, unfortunately there are many reasons for this. I agree with the previous comment that Wall Street has lot of impact. The government policies also discourage long term R&D efforts and innovation.

Legal process at times also demotivator (for example, big companies filing frivolous suits to inhibit new start-ups from coming out with new or better products/services).

Lastly lack of focus on Education is also big reason. I am talking about education in early years of kids'schools. Most kids do not want to take science class. Parents use schools as kids' daycare versus having active participation to make sure that kids are learning.

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