I'm an information technology e-marketing and strategy consultant, exec, and entrepreneur.

Statistically, 90%+ of new products fail. My core interest is to help you avoid the pitfalls of innovation. This is a blog by a veteran tech innovator and marketer for entrepreneurs, CEOs, innovators, and information technologists. In my opinion, there are far too many blogs by self-proclaimed experts who have never been around a start-up or involved with innovation. My goal is to create a virtual place where innovators can share their real world experiences and discuss the latest paradigms, business models, technologies, academic reviews, white papers, and stuff coming out of the elite business schools.

After two decades of helping notable networking companies like 3Com, Newbridge, Tellabs, and other start-ups conceive award winning solutions and capture market leadership, I formed Napa Consulting Group I consult to information technology clients seeking to change the status quo and align their strategy. From time to time, I assume interim and advisory posts for other venture backed initiatives.


I have always been interested in building things, seeding things, curious about how things work, and how the Internet evolves from a perspective of technology and social science. I created this blog to share my views, observations, opinions, experience, and try to address some basic questions pertaining to: - Marketing paradigms - Marketing trends - Branding - Strategy - Word of mouth marketing - WOMM - Social media - Information technology - Business models - Open innovation - Open source - SaaS - Ajax - Web 2.0 - Start-ups - Networked world - Theory in practice - Frameworks - Software - The network. My other interests are exploring the upper Potomac River north of the Great Falls dam by boat and bike. Windsurfing. And reading as many non-fiction books as possible.